Bayou city Bins is an eco-friendly trash bin cleaning company. We please ask the following of our customers in order to remain a self-contained system that leaves minimal to no trace; help relieve the stress of our state-of-the-art equipment functionality, and to keep our employees safe and healthy. Please note that if any of the following conditions below are not fulfilled, your service could be interrupted, skipped or postponed.

  1. Bin(s) must be curbside and accessible to our service technician.
  2. Bin(s) should be free of human and/or animal waste. Please kindly bag these items separately before they go into your trash bin and collected by garbage hauler.
  3. Bin(s) must be free of cooking/motor oils, chemicals, fresh paint, glue, adhesives, and/or any other hazardous waste. We cannot risk damage to our equipment and our ability to stay within standards of being environmentally safe for our community.
  4. Bin(s) must be free of building materials, i.e.…plasters, stucco, concrete, metal shavings, etc.
  5. Bin(s) must be completely empty prior to service. Some exceptions will be made for tiny scrap material at the bottom of your bin. In some cases, if there is minimal debris, it will be bagged and placed in your can after cleaning. This is to our discretion, if our technician feels any material, bodily fluid, or other debris is unsafe or excessive, we will not clean your can. We do our best to service our clients with clean, sanitized, and deodorized cans, however we are not in the habit of taking trash, as it would slow our scheduled routings.

Bayou City Bins wants you to know that if you find any dissatisfaction in your service, contact us immediately. We want the opportunity to make any wrongs, right, and keep you satisfied.

More information related to limitations & conditions can be found on our Terms of Service page.

For any and all questions not answered in this section please see our FAQ section, please contact us

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