Here are some answers to several commonly asked questions about Bayou City Bins Trash Can Cleaning Service. If you find your question isn’t answered here, please contact us via email or phone and will try our best to find an answer. Our goal is to make your service as easy and efficient as possible from all aspects.

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Health & Safety

Dirty trash bins harbor many bacteria that are unsafe for humans, pets, and the community. Bayou City Bins has a safe, economical, eco-friendly and state-of-the-art cleaning service to keep you and your family healthy.

Truthfully, Bayou City Bins has the latest and greatest equipment to efficiently clean your trash bins better. Our closed hot water and high-pressure system makes our process eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Subscriptions & Signup

Please go to Choose a Subscription to sign up today. You will find our registration process makes signing up easy. We are here to make your experience time saving and efficient.

Unfortunately, we don’t. However, we stand by our service and our Texan built mobile system is specifically fabricated to maintain your trash bins in a healthy manner.

We do our best to accommodate our service areas and will continually expand our service areas as the need grows for a specific area. By referring your neighbors, it will give us the motivation to expand our territory.

Matter-of-fact we do. We will offer a 10% monthly discount for every successful referral you give. Currently we do not have a referral limit, so pass the word about Bayou City Bins. Please make sure your referral list you as the acting reference when signing up for a subscription.

Most definitely you can gift a service. Please understand this would not be additional cans added to your service. This would be considered a new account and an additional service address; therefore, we would need name, address, and contact information. Payment would be to your discretion. All structural dwellings are considered independent and will be serviced and charged. 

If you are associated with any Solid Waste Management Company, Municipality, HOA, Property Manager, or any other business that would like a quote, please email or call us. Let us review your specific needs and find best solution to accommodate your request.

Scheduling and Service

We are a next day trash can cleaning service, so please leave your cans out after your trash bin has been emptied. You will receive a text and/or email reminder the day before we provide service.

Please make sure your trash bins are easily accessible by the curb. Please understand that if your trash receptacles are visible and in a location safe to access in your front driveway, we will do our best to service your bins. We will NOT enter your garage, backyard, or any environment we deem inaccessible or unsafe. In the event your bins are inaccessible, we will do our best to accommodate you at a different date, if our scheduling and route allows. However, this is at our discretion. However, this is at our discretion and not guaranteed.

No, you don’t need to be home. Just make sure your bins to be serviced are curbside accessible and we will take care of the dirty work for you.

We would love to maintain your trash cans on the same day as trash removal, however to maintain minimal cost we have to sustain an efficient schedule. We are shadows of waste removal services, and sometimes their variances in schedule cause issues logistically. We are a service of SANITATION, thus your trash cans are still applicable properties of service.

We are a service-oriented business and take pride in providing you the best service possible. If for some unforeseen reason we are unable to service your trashcan on the date we specified, we would make modification to accommodate you at a different date. If we cannot modify our schedule, you will receive a refund per the service missed per your specific subscription plan.

This does not apply to situations whereas you were given notification and failed to make trash bins accessible on your service day.

If you are not in town, go on vacation, or any other reason preventing you from having your trash bins accessible for service, please contact us as soon as possible via email or phone. We are dedicated to provide you clean cans and we will do our best to readjust our schedule with ample lead-time. However, if we cannot reconfigure our routing and were given sufficient time to reschedule, we will refund you per the service missed per your specific subscription plan.

However, if we are not pre-notified that your trash receptacles cannot be placed curbside, you will be charged for that service per your specific subscription plan.

We know you’re excited to have your stench-ridden bins cleaned, and we are excited to do your dirty work. Please know we will get you scheduled as soon as possible after initial signup. Logistically, we are a next day trash can cleaning service. We are shadows of multiple solid waste pickup routes, so please allow up to two weeks to get you on our schedule.

Your registered credit card during subscription signup is typically billed on the first day of the month prior to each cleaning in most cases. If your subscription is active and paid, barring any extraneous circumstances, you will be on the schedule for service. Remember, you will receive an email and/or text notification reminding you the specific date of your service.

That’s simple; with our process, you will immediately see results in the appearance and smell of your trash bin. However, we do leave a hanger with a QR code stating your bin(s) have been sanitized.

We do our best to clean, sanitize, and deodorized your cans, however we can only enhance your trash bins physical appearance with limitations. We will make every effort to clean your bin(s) to the highest standards by eliminating all grime. However, there are old stubborn residuals that may need one to two cleaning cycles, in the meantime remember that Bayou City Bins eliminated the odor and bacteria in your can(s) enough to say “SMELL YOU LATER”.

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