How we help you get rid of that smell and keep a cleaner trash bin on a regular basis, automatically.

How we do it better!

  1. Select a cleaning plan that fits your lifestyle.
  2. Leave your trash bins out for cleaning on the day of service.
  3. We will notify you each time we clean your bins.

We clean, sanitize, and disinfect your trash bins with a 200◦ Fahrenheit heating system and two high pressure 360◦ rotating nozzles that will kill 99.9% of germs.

Dirty water is collected and stored in our trucks self contained system and disposed of properly.

Our service will give final inspection, deodorize and double disinfect your trash bins with an eco-friendly product to make your home and/or business a healthier environment.

Let us maintain your trash bin hygiene by removing foul odors, preventing the spread of diseases, and mitigation of vermin, ants, roaches, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, flies, and maggots.

Bayou City Bins will do its part in protecting the environment, keeping trash bins clean, and keeping our customers happy enough to say…SMELL YOU LATER.

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